I used FontForge to create a version of the Dina programming font optimized for OSX.

Download DinaMedium.dfont.zip

Usage note: you must set the font size to 16 for this font to display correctly  See below.

Other versions of the Dina font I was able to find on the internet all got screwed up on OSX so I made this one. It seems to work great in Emacs.app, MacVim, and XCode.

To use this file, unzip it and put DinaMedium.dfont into ~/Library/Fonts/ and follow the instructions for your editor:

Emacs.app configuration

I am using emacs24 compiled with these instructions. I added these lines to ~/.emacs:

(setq mac-allow-anti-aliasing nil)
(set-frame-font "-apple-Dina-medium-normal-normal--16--*-*-m-0-iso10646-1")

MacVim configuration

Using the latest macvim, I added this line to ~/.vimrc:

set noantialias
set guifont=Dina-medium:h16

Any other app configuration

Select Dina-medium from the standard OSX font picker and set size to 16.


Dina is my favorite font for programming. All letters and symbols are clearly disambiguated, like zero and a capital 'O', or braces, brackets, and parenthesis (essential for clojure programming). The size is just right for my eyes and a 30" display. And I love the overall aesthetic. Hope you enjoy!

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